Timing & Scoring Features

Legacy System

Sport-TAGs legacy timing software is built on a solid foundation that has been in use for over 10 years.Ā  Our CheckPoint software has been proven to be one of the best scoring sofware packages in use.Ā  CheckPoint currently supports both our legacy transponders as well as our new V4 version tags.

Contact us for more details or learn more about CheckPoint Scoring.

V4 Version System

Our new timing and scoring software, which supports our new V4 transponder tags, is built on a solid foundation with a vast array of features.

Timing & Scoring Features

Simple and Quick Race Setup

  • Guided step-by-step race setup
  • Unique sport-related templates for initial race setup
  • Ability to import races from Sport-TAGS Online Event Registration software
  • Ability to import races from CSV file import

Custom Event Pages and Startlists

  • Place all your race event information in one place with a Sport-TAG event website page:
    • results,
    • start lists,
    • links to your official event webpage and social media profiles, and
    • links to race notices, sponsors, and to any other relevant information you want.
  • Post customized public start lists and public reports to Sport-TAG.com

Powerful Reporting Features

  • Group, filter, and sort your racers using a combination of data criteria
  • Save, export and share your custom reports
  • Monitor racers and easily see
    • how many are left on the course, and
    • how many have passed a certain timing point
  • Get alerts for unusually slow or face racer times

Race Timing Tools

  • Ability to update racer information such as name, age, category and course
  • Ability to adjust split times for racer
  • Ability to easily change racer status to DNS, DNF, or DSQ

Announcer View and TV Support

  • Real-time scrolling results for displaying to crowds on large screen.
  • Racer information for announcers as racer approaches timing points:
    • name,
    • city,
    • past race results, etc.
  • Great way to build excitement at the finish line

Live Race Tracking

  • Ability to upload a race map course and indicate timing points
  • Ability for spectators and racing teams to view racers real-time positions on race map
  • A fun way to connect racers to family and friends located any where in the world during races

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