Sport-TAG Software

We now offer complete scoring systems which include Registration, Timing & Scoring, Live Results and Live Tracking.

Online Registration

Sport-TAGs online registration is designed to be an easy process for both race promoters and racers.Ā  Our registration system gives the race promoter great flexibility to customize the registration process for each event quickly and easily.

Registration Software Features

Flexible Forms

  • Add an unlimited number of fields, content blocks, or fees.
  • Arrange and group fields in any order you want.
  • Set conditions on the display of fields based on registrants previous choices.

Save, Copy and Reuse Form Templates

  • Copy and modify any of your previous registration forms.
  • Re-use sections of your previous registration forms.

Integrated Email

  • Easily send an email to
    • everybody who has registered for your event
    • all club members
    • a select a group of people based on their registration options.
  • Send an email automatically when new registrants sign up.
  • Download a list of email addresses to use with any email service.

Registrant Summaries

  • Important information at your fingertips
    • How many people have signed up for your event?
    • How many people have selected an event option?
    • How much money have you made?
  • Drill down from summary information to detailed reports for each registration event option.

Extensive Reporting

  • Capabilities include filtering, grouping and sorting your registrants by many different criteria.
  • Save, export, and share the reports you've created.

Easy Registration for Racers

  • No need to create an account or remember passwords.
  • OptionalĀ quicklist feature saves registration info for next time.


Our fees are simple: a fee for each registrant + a credit card merchant fee.

$1 per registrant

Credit Card Transaction Fee*

*transaction fees vary based on your chosen merchant provider.Ā  For most clubs, Stripe offers the best deal.

Stripe Credit Card Processing Fee = 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction, no hidden monthly fees.

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