Sport-TAG Race Timing & Scoring Systems

We understand the importance of a race-proven easy-to-learn system.

Our RACE-PROVEN systems are in use across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.

Providers of a complete race timing systems from registration to results, the founders of Sport-TAG have been involved in off-road racing for over 25 years.  Our experience as racers and time-keepers gives us and inside perspective of the unique requirements necessary for an exceptional RACE TIMEing system.  Our passion to provide race-proven timing and scoring systems is evidenced by our customer list that includes small race promoters to top national promoters across the US, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Timing is Everything

Scoring races is different than timing a racer.  Scoring is 100% dependent on a racer's time. Being able to capture the exact time a racer starts a race and the exact time they finish a race is crucial and anything that hinders this process is a potential problem.

One common hindrance to accurate scoring involves the single file "chicane" style finish lines where the racers times are dependent on a human with a scanner or reader.  In such scenarios, a backlog of racers can quickly develop waiting to be scanned causing longer racer times to be reported.  Additional problems such as bikes stalling while in the queue or racers attempting to jump the line, can create unfair advantages for racers.

Both Sport-TAG systems, Legacy and V4, eliminate the need for a single file finish line by using an active timing loop design.

Sport-TAG Hardware Overview

All Sport-TAG Transponders Require NO Charging

Sport-TAG transponders include a long-lasting internal battery and don't need to be charged unlike other transponders on the market.

Finish Line / Timing Points

The Sport-TAG active loop system can read transponders up to 9 feet from the detection loop - far beyond other systems.  This active loop system is programmable making a very precise timing point (aka. "read zone) when buried underground or secured overhead.

Excellent Warranties

Sport-TAG legacy transponders carry a two-year warranty.  Our new V4 transponders come with a three-year warranty.

Sport-TAG Software Overview

Online Registration

Easy to customize and easy to use online registration process.

Timing & Scoring

Built on a solid foundation with over 10+ years in use in several racing industries.  Support three different transponder designs.

Live Results

We offer an optional live results feed allowing spectators world-wide to view racing results as they happen on their desktop, mobile device or display at the race site. An internet connection is required at the race site scoring booth to support live results.

Live Tracking

Our state-of-the-art V4 timing point system allows us to capture remote check data that is used to show progress of each racer on the course.  Race crews and spectators can choose which racer(s) to watch by selecting class, a rider number, top three, and more.

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