Complete Race Scoring Transponder System

When needed, the data file created can be used to run reports on the Reporting tool.

Racer Alert System (RAS)

The Sport-TAG Racer Alert System (RAS) is an application that will track by racer how many laps have been completed, and how many laps are required for the riders class. This can be very helpful when multiple classes are on the track at the same time and it is difficult for the flagger to determine if the racer has completed the required laps in order to through the checkered flag or not. The RAS system uses a remote reader system that communicates over a wireless network to an application that notifies the scoring officials the status of the approaching racers. Once a racer is scanned with the remote reader it will dispay a green flag if more laps are needed and a checkered flag if it's the last lap.

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Tech Check

The Sport-TAG Tech Check application can be set up at tech to verify the transponder is in working condition.

Below is a sample of the report “by Rider, Name Sort, Start Time”

complete Scoring System

If you are looking for a complete scoring system including scoring software for off-road racing, please visit our partner Checkpoint Scoring.

Sport-TAG Transponder Software

BackCheck Application

The Sport-TAG BackCheck application is used for back checks in remote areas generally used in off road racing. The remote application will allow the promoter to define the IP address of the reader, define the check # and to enable/disable the buzzer for an audible tone once a tags crosses the check. Once this system is set to read, it can be left for the complete race.

RACE TIMEing Systems

Several reports are available. 

Sport-Tag Transponder Software

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