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Enhance your current scoring and registration processes with the

Sport-TAG Transponder System

a proven Off-Road and Motocross racing transponder system currently in use across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Provides for a fast & accurate registration process

A huge issue racing promoters want to solve is long registration lines. Our SportTAG Transponder has both a bar code & human readable ID. This along with other technologies, help to speed up the registration process and provide for an accurate registration process.

Requires NO Charging

The SportTAG transponder includes a long-lasting internal battery and doesn’t need to be charged unlike other transponders that require frequent charging. Transponders that require frequent charging become nightmares for racing promoters as it’s inevitable that racers will forget to charge their transponder which will result in scoring delays and incorrect race data.

Larger Read Zone

The SportTAG Transponder System can read transponders up to 9 feet from the detection loop - far beyond other systems with shorter read ranges of 3-4 feet. Other transponder systems with shorter “read zones” easily result in “out of range” issues and misreads. And considering that in motocross, it’s common for the detection loop to be buried fairly deeply; shorter “read zones” don’t work well for motocross. The SportTAG Transponder System, with its large “read zone” is very effective when buried underground or secured overhead.

Customizable Read Zone

In some instances, it’s necessary for a promoter to be able to define the “read zone” himself (i.e. tracks with sections very close to the “read zone.” The SportTag Transponder System provides this customization capability for “read zones.”

No Frequency Conflicts

The SportTAG Transponder System has been tested and proven to work with bikes, quads, cars, trucks & buggies, unlike some other transponders which incur frequency issues that result in misreads.

No Metal Interference

The SportTAG Transponder System has been proven to work effectively when mounted directly on metal unlike some other transponders which incur interference issues that result in misreads.

Two Year Warranty

SportTAG transponders have a two year warranty.

Excellent Price Performing Transponder

SportTAG transponders compare directly to high-end racing transponders for just a marginal increase in cost over entry level transponders currently on the market. With the added benefits listed above, the SportTAG Transponder System is an excellent investment for racers and promoters.

Sport-Tag Racing Transponder system

SNEAK PEEK at our new racing transponder tag.  Stay tuned for more details coming soon!